– Forums

We’ve just overhauled the Forums, with upgraded software and better organization. It should be a lot faster, easier to search, etc. In the process, we deleted users that met certain criteria (logged on once six months ago, etc.) , so if your account does not work, simply create a new one. Some of you were having problems with your passwords – try again and if you cannot access your account through the forums after this, contact us and we’ll fix it right away. We have some work to do on the theme, but for now we wanted to get it cleaned up and get outstanding problems addressed.

We’ve added some new areas:
– Windows “Switchers” – Discussion for Windows users having problems migrating to Mac OS X, solutions, including virtualization (running Windows under Mac OS X, or Boot Camp), etc.
– Data management – there are several data management tools for Mac OS X, that don’t exactly fall into a genealogy application category, however they are useful for cataloging the documents, etc., we have.
– Hardware – discussion of hardware that genealogists use – Macs, printers, scanners, etc.
– Presentation and multimedia – photo editing, scanning, slideshows, etc.

Other features:
– Notifications – you can now easily have a notice sent to your email when a topic you created, replied to, or marked to Notify you, has responses.

Dealing with Spam
– We have active moderators and we have new safeguards in place
– If you find spam, you can click “Report to moderator” and two of us will get an email immediately with a link to the post.

Under consideration:
– seperate language discussions sub-forums (German, Spanish, etc.)
– Additional software-specific forums
– “Digest” mode where you can be sent an email summary of the week’s posts.