New Mac Genealogy Application: OurTreePro

There is a new, upcoming Mac genealogy application on the block: OurTreePro. The homepage for OurTreePro can be found at

According to the developer, Ron Smith, “An initial pre-release version of OurTreePro is planned for the spring of 2007. It will run on both Macintosh and Windows. Hopefully the initial public release will be by this summer.”

Some of the highlights:
* Streamlined
* Cross-platform (Mac and Windows)
* Written using FileMaker Pro
* Both single user and multi-user environments
* Support for GedCom 5.5

If enough registered visitors request it, he would like to add:
* Support for GedXML6.0
* Real-time web publishing using FileMaker Server Advanced
* Ability to Export files for standard web server publishing

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