MacFamilyTree 4.4.4


Version 4.4.4 of the popular Mac OS X genealogy application, MacFamilyTree is available with a new report centered around places where personal and family events occurred. MacFamilyTree is a Universal Binary and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

* New report “Places”: Shows all person and family events sorted by the places where the event occurred
* New: The genogramm now includes half siblings
* Improved kinship report

It can be downloaded here (discontinued, latest version) and is available in several languages.

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  1. Within 18 months The New Family Search a web based family history site of The Church of Jesus Christ will be in use around the world. It is now in use in Reno, Nevada. If I had a Mac which I don’t and running MacFamilyTree4.4.4, would I need Parallels, Fusion, CrossOver, or Boot Camp? It will be possible to send gedcoms to the web site, but not to import them from the website, at least not initially. Information will be able to be typed directly to the web site. I know that if a patron were to get a gedcom from a PC running Personal Ancestral File at the Family History Center that they could put it on disk or flash drive and download it to MacFamilyTree4.4.4, I assume. Any information you can provide will be useful, and I appreciate your time. Respectfully, Steve

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