Reunion 9.04

Reunion 9Reunion 9.04 of the Mac OS X genealogy application is available for download at

Reunion Version 9.04 adds several performance improvements (especially in regards to the index), adds new features to the user interface and charting. It also improves GEDCOM exports.

* Index performance – The Index opens much faster with huge family files.
* Index search box – performance improvement when typing letters into the search box of an Index with huge family files.
* New Feature – Control-click (or right-click) events or facts in the Edit Person or Edit Family window to add other events/facts of the same type or recently added types.
* New Feature – multimedia items can be dragged/dropped into the Source List.
* Lists – the appearance of entries that are too long to fit in a column has been improved. In OS X 10.4, longer entries will appear first with squished text and then with elipsis, ala the Finder. In OS 10.3.9, longer entries truncated letter-by-letter.

* Dates – in 9.04, when your Date Preferences / Format is not ISO, an entry of 1711/12 will invoke the custom date window. If you’re Date Preferences / Format is set to ISO, then 1711/12 will be interpreted as 1711-12.
* Marking – fixed a problem where adding spouses from the Index or the Clipboard would unmark all people.
* Ahnentafel reports – fixed a problem where larger numbers had omitted zeros.
* Charts – leading is properly preserved when choosing Save Default Box Attributes or Save Default Text Attributes.
* Charts – selecting a line object is easier.
* Charts – the setting for “Automatically move boxes off page break” is retained.
* Child buttons – prefix titles no longer appear on child buttons.
* Child buttons – when there’s not enough room for all children to appear, the last button (with a pop-up menu) works properly now.
* Citations – extra period is removed when the detail field already includes a period.
* Closing windows – the Escape key will close: About Reunion, Overview, Manual, and Clipboard windows.
* Cross-platform – fixed a startup problem after using Apple’s Migration Assistant when moving from PPC to Intel or vice versa.
* CSS – improvement to the appearance of citations in the “Default” CSS web style.
* CSS – person sheets, single people, position of “Unmarried” text improved.
* Date Preferences / Feasibility – values no longer change when crossing platforms.
* Edit person window – clicking into fields is faster and more efficient.
* Event Sorting – Edit Person window… some intelligence added to the Sort button for handling birth/death/burial fields with no dates.
* Family card – clicking husb/wife ID number on family card now puts the correct default ID into the Find window.
* Family card – fixed an appearance problem with smaller monitors when the Dock was at the bottom.
* Family card view – note field scroll bar: fixed an obscure problem where the scroll bar position wasn’t updated correctly.
* Family card view – fixed the display of ‘Other Children’ field where ‘No Children’ was checked.
* Find Anything – fixed problem searching for text in the ‘Multimedia File Name’ field.
* Find Anything – searching in notes consumes less memory.
* GEDCOM Export – fixed a problem exporting adjacent source citations in note fields.
* GEDCOM Export – fixed name formatting problems with privacy filtering.
* GEDCOM Export – speed improvement when including links to multimedia items.
* GEDCOM Import – performance improvement and less memory used.
* Ibids – fixed problem where extra ibids were created when the citation detail field contained extended ASCII characters.
* Inital Caps button – words ending with ‘s no longer are changed to an uppercase S.
* Manual printing – fixed clipping at top/bottom of pages.
* Match and Merge People window – Next button now works properly.
* Multimedia – dragging thumbnail from the Multimedia window to child buttons will no longer set two pictures as preferred.
* Note fields – fixed a problem where copying a block of notes with duplicate source citations numbers resulted in misnumbering.
* Note fields – pasted formatted text is properly stripped (background colors, alignment, etc.).
* Pedigree charts, “Limit to one page” option – improvements to ensure that the charts fit on one page.
* Print Preview window – after printing, the buttons for Prev/Next page now work properly.
* Reminders – added the “day” to the white rows when date preferences is set to 1980-01-28
* Reminders – fixed cross-platform issue where the number of days / Today button settings were changed.
* Reminders – width of first column in Reminders window is now retained after closing and reopening.
* Source citations – copy/paste of general source citations are saved properly.
* Speed Names – added a warning message when the Clear button is clicked.
* Speed Names – fixed a problem with the Duplicate button.
* Speed Names – now works properly in the Edit Marriage sheet.

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  1. All this information on Reunion 9.04 attempted corrections makes me realise
    1 how unsatisfactory it must be to have all these problems in the first place;
    2 how far it seems to have strayed from the basic need to handle and display comprehensive family trees;
    3 how it will not admit how much it costs;
    4 how it does not provide a typical family tree for prospective purchasers to print out on a large sheet, or contiguous small sheets;
    5 how much training will be needed to get the best results.
    Can anyone help by recommending reliable quality family tree software for Mac OSX v10.4.9?

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