iFamily for Tiger 2.108

iFamily for Tiger
iFamily for Tiger Version 2.108 has been released. This is a major update to the Mac OS X genealogy shareware application. Much of the changes are based on user feedbback.

Quite a few changes:

Gedcom Import
* Enhanced to reject two corrupt Gedcom Tags from a.n.other family tree application that were previously allowed to be imported.

Delete Person and Disconnect Person
* Added main menu options for People – Delete Person and People – Disconnect Person. Too many people were asking “How Do I …” so it was obviously not intuitive.

Location of the iFamilyForTigerData Folder
* Added main menu option File – Move Data Directory to allow the user to move the default location of the iFamilyForTigerData folder out of their Home Folder.

Family Name Function
* The automatic Family Name function now recognises suffixes such as Jr, Sr, I, II, III, …., XX.
* If the person’s name consists of only one word then it is now assumed to be a Given Name rather than a Family Name. You can enter question marks for Family Name or for the Given Name. For Example “Alfred ?” or “? JONES” are both acceptable. In the first case the Family Name becomes “?” and in the second case the Given Name becomes “?”.

Drag and Drop of Images from Ancestry.com
* Images dropped into iFamily from Ancestry.com are now renamed from image.x.JPG to a name containing the dropped-on person’s name.

Added People – ToDo List

* Added menu option People – ToDo List. The shortcut to the ToDo List is Option+Apple+T. The single character T will also work if the context diagram has the focus, i.e. no data field is currently being edited.
* You may now add reminders (ToDos) for each person, review them and print a ToDo report.
* Add Unconnected Person
* Added menu option People – Add Unconnected Person, An unconnected person is someone who is related to no-one.

Added ScratchPad
* Added menu option Window – ScratchPad. The shortcut to the ScratchPad is Option+Command+S or simply S if the context diagram has the focus, i.e. no field is currently being edited.
* You can cut/paste or drag/drop or type any text into the ScratchPad. The ScratchPad is cleared when you Quit.

Family Group Report
* On large databases this report is now generated (snd scrolls) much faster.

Bug Fixes
* Corrected a bug in Version 2.100 that could occasionally cause a crash or freeze – only reported by one user.
Corrected an error in the right click pop-up menu in Pictures pane of main window.

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  1. We the Mac. users need so much software that will import PC Paf to Mac. So many of my friends are changing to MAC’s for the reliability.
    At the moment I need two computers, a PC dedicated to PAF And one for other use.

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