iFamily for Tiger 2.200

iFamily for TigeriFamily for Tiger has received a major upgrade, to version 2.200. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 and is a Universal Binary.

A demo version can be downloaded here (ifamilyfortiger.com).

Changes/What’s New:
*Context Diagram – Disconnect Person
The pop-up menu option in the context diagram for Disconnect Person has been reactivated – in the meantime please use the new main menu option People – Disconnect Person.

* Context Diagram – Font Size for Focal Person’s Children
When the Focal Person has many children the font size for his/her children is now larger.

* Events Editor Dialog
Corrected the position of the Event Type field when the dialog is resized. Also enlarged the field for Cause of Death.

* Add Unconnected Person
Minor enhancements to the dialog for Add Unconnected Person.

* Delete Person
Corrected an occasional freeze that occured after a person had been deleted. The freeze was reported by 3 people. It required a certain set of conditions to be present for the freeze to occur, otherwiae the Delete Person function was OK.

* Promote Focal Person
Added a menu option People -> Promote to Focal Person. This does the same as:
Double click on any person in the context diagram
AppleKey+Click on any person any person in the context diagram
AppleKey+any Arrow key
Right click and select Promote ….
Using the toolbar Search Field
Using the toolbar Previous Focal People
Using the People Index and the Focal Person button

* Pictures Pane – Copy and Paste
Added a new pop-up menu option to copy any picture (as a thumbnail or original image) to the clipboard so it can be then pasted into another application such as a word processor. The clipboard data also includes a PasteboardType called “iFamilyPictureData” that contains textual data for the picture. (This textual data requires programming skills to access and be useful).

* Export to Gedcom
Added option to export Focal Person + Descendants.

* Picture Editor
Added an option to set the cropping mode to: As Cropped, Square, Portrait 6 x 4, Portrait 4 x 3, Landscape 6 x 4 or Landscape 4 x 3.
Added controls for the thumbnail image for Sharpening, Exposure, Gamma, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, and Sepia.
Added rotation controls.
Corrected the handling of compressed image files.

* Import from Gedcom
Added special handling for Heredis file names in OBJE links by ignoring the :images: prefix.

* Selection of Tabs in the Lower Pane of the Main Window
The lower pane in the main window can now be switched using keystrokes. Option+Apple+RightArrow selects the next tabview item and Option+Apple+LeftArrow selects the previous tabview item