iScrapbook 1.1.0

iScrapbook iScrapbook 1.1 was released today. iScrapbook is the newest Mac OS X scrapbooking application.

It requires Mac OS X 10.4 and sells for $49.99 and comes with over 40,000 photos/clipart. It can be downloaded here (

* Added several image optimizations that make the software more responsive and result in much smaller files when documents are exported in PDF format.
* There’s now an “Image Display Quality” preference that sets the resolution of images displayed in the software. The “Print Quality” preference sets the resolution of images when they are printed. So it’s possible to display lower resolution images in the software for faster performance while still outputting high resolution images in printouts.
* Text boxes can now be defined as Image Placeholders so when an image is dropped on the text box, the image will be cropped by the text.
* When a grouped set of graphics is selected, the resize “knobs” are drawn differently so the user knows that a group is selected. Plus, the inspector window provides a button for selecting individual members of the group.
* When an image is cropped, the inspector window provides a circular slider and angle field for precisely controlling the rotation of the image being cropped.
* Added Spotlight support. Spotlight can now be used to search for the title of a scrapbook page or for any text that appears on the page.
* Moved the iScrapbook album/page library to the Documents folder.