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I just discovered that our spam filter on our contact form worked a little too well. A lot of email was classified as spam, that shouldn’t have been. I’m working my way through the email manually and answering questions as fast as I can (I think I’m up to the beginning of June and have several months’ worth!).

I’d like to suggest that in the future, the best way to get a lot of questions answered about Mac genealogy software, and/or migrating to Macs is to register an account in the forums and post a question:

That way it can be seen by more people, who can perhaps answer your questions better than I can, especially when it comes to Temple Ready, migrating from Windows, etc. Your email is hidden, and you are basically anonymous on there, in case you are worried about anything.

We are also finally working on two software areas that are interesting: Mapping software and notebook software. In the next few weeks we should be adding a lot of information about both.


– JD