Family Ties (Familienbande) – June 16, 2007

Family Ties FamilienbandeA new version of Family Ties/Familienbande was released a few days ago. It’s a free Mac OS X (and MacOS 8.6/9 with Carbon) genealogy application written by Stefan Mettenbrink. It is only available in German, but it can be used by non-German speaking genealogists who are willing to work out the interface. There is apparently an Intel-specific version available if you contact the author (the normal version runs fine on either PowerPC or Intel-based Macs). It can be downloaded here (

The following is a translation of the changes, using Google’s language tools. Any inaccuracies are a reflection of that and not the software developers.

* When updating the person list, the current position is maintained
* The SOURCE buttons have a larger font, if source data is present
* Representation errors in statistics functions repaired
* If additional data was loaded, the original file name did not remain
* If “use last denomination” was selected, the new denomination did not always change.
* When removing indivduals, exceptions such as multiple marriage, etc. was not adapted
* In the plausibility check window, the exceptions are indicated
* In the plausibility check window, exceptions can be deleted
* During GEDCOM import, wrong dates were read in if the SOURCE record indicated an amendment date
* Errors in the print routine repaired
* Plausibility check can examine/evaluate dates now
* GEDCOM export computed the families incorrectly
* During GEDCOM import, when broken links are imported, it would result in an error. Fixed.
* Error with the import of GEDCOM dates which use (UTF-16) encoding is fixed
* During GEDCOM importing, words with special characters can be indicated by a flag for examination
* Errors in the list of persons repaired
* Assuming the last denomination did not always function
* Improvement of the reference pictures
* In the list of persons, persons with identical first names are sorted according to other criteria
* Backup function inserted
* Excel/CSV import improved
* Various smaller corrections