iFamily For Tiger v2.204

iFamily for TigeriFamily for Tiger V2.204 was released last week. iFamily for Tiger is a Mac OS X (10.4 required) genealogy application, and this is a major release/update, including improved picture editing, and additional navigation features in the Context Diagram NAvigation.


Context Diagram Navigation
* Added navigation to the siblings of the Focal Person. When you right click on the Focal Person the pop-up menu now includes an option to promote any of the Focal Person’s siblings to be the new Focal Person of the diagram. The keyboard shortcuts for the previous and next siblings are Apple+UpArrow and Apple+DownArrow respectively.

Picture Editor
* Improved the cropping action when Portrait and Landscape modes are active.

Attach Existing Person dialogs
* Added a column for each person’s numeric identifier in the tables in each dialog.

Bug Fixes
* In the Picture Editor the list of Other References sometimes contained a reference that did not actually exist. The error also occurred in the list of “Other References” in the pop-up menu in the Picture pane of the main window.
* After disconnecting a spouse you may have received an error message that “Core Data could not fulfill a fault”.
* iFamily for Tiger got confused when you used Undo immediately after using “Add Unconnected Person”.