OurTreePro v0.2b Beta

OurTreePro Ron Smith posted that he’s working on v0.2b of OurTreePro. OurTreePro is a cross-platform (Windows and Mac) genealogy application that can run in both single user and multi-user environments, with possible real-time integration through FileMaker Server Advanced.

He’s also included a screenshot of the main interface (I’ve posted it here, you can view more screenshots at the official site (login required)). He can’t say much about 0.2b right now, but he has posted information about his plans beyond the v0.1b1 beta here.

Ron Smith posted this message:

Despite the very short time that version v0.1b1 has been up, some very important developments have occurred. These have caused a sudden lurch forward to v0.2b. The main screen shot is available for viewing with the v0.1b screenshot images. I encourage everyone to take a look at all the screen shots.

The downside of version v0.2b is that presently I will be UNABLE to post this version as a download, due to a binding contractual non-disclosure agreement.

The current beta v0.1b1 will continue to be available. Though I won’t be developing on that version further, I still covet your constructive input.