iFamily for Tiger v2.211

iFamily for TigeriFamily for Tiger v2.211 was released today. It’s a Mac OS X (10.4+) genealogy program and this release (along with v2.210) contains a number of additions and enhancements to the Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams.

The Ancestors and Descendants diagrams have been enhanced (as per V2.210)
* Customisable user defaults, factory defaults, overridden defaults
* Options to include full name, Id, birth, death, marriages and notes
* Options for colors of text strings and background
* Names only option – an overview mode
* Multi-line text fields
* Improved scrunching
* Improved pagination for printing
* Box nudging (in vertical mode only)
* When you invoke the Ancestors or Descendants diagrams the number of generations will automatically default to 5 generations
* The generations stepper will auto-repeat when the Names Only mode is active
* Added summary info to mini personal details floating dialog

Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams (V2.211)
* Added a timeline across the top of the window (horizontal mode).
* Added display of “Refer Above” when branches are repeated, e.g. when cousins marry.
* Corrected memory management to avoid the spinning beach-ball when displaying large diagrams.
* Changed the generations indicator in the toolbar to be an editable field to avoid having expand/contract by one generation at a time using the stepper.

Main Menu (V2.211)
* Added menu options for Attach Existing Person as Parent /Spouse /Child. A number of people have asked how to do this so the existing Right Click pop-up menu was obviously not intuitive.