Osk 4.7

Osk Genealogy - Mac OS X Osk 4.7 is now available from Studlar. This is considered a major update to the Mac OS X genealogy program. Osk is $29, and this update is free for current users. It’s available in English, Icelandic, Russian, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, and Italian.

One of the more interesting features of Osk is that it tracks illness, deaths, education, and jobs throughout your family tree (i.e. it’s easy to look up people who held a similar job or had a similar illness).

* Big refactoring
* New bindings and functions
* Now even easier to use.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “refactoring”, it’s basically when an application is changed to improve its readability/user interface, or to simplify things, without changing its data or the resulting output/results.