Review: Mac Heredis 10.2 (Macworld)

Mac Heredis X.2 10.2 Jeffery Battersby has written another Mac genealogy review, this time of Mac Heredis 10.2 or X.2. Mac Heredis 10.2 is a commercial Mac OS X genealogy application that was released in late 2005, with a few updates since then.

He stresses GEDCOM importing and lack of LDS ordinances, quote:

Like almost every other genealogy program we’ve reviewed recently, Heredis is very limited in supporting LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) ordinances, handling only baptism, confirmation, endowment, and parental links. It would be possible, though not optimal, to enter the missing LDS ordinances using one of the program’s customizable fields.

Heredis also can import data saved as GEDCOM files, a standard among genealogy programs, and easily handled my test file with well over 1,000 records. In addition, the program will find and merge duplicate entries in your database—a valuable, time-saving feature.

Full review at Macworld

Note: Their reviews are starting to show up in the offline Macworld Magazine!