iFamily for Tiger V2.235

iFamily for Tiger iFamily for Tiger V2.235 was released today. iFamily for Tiger is a unique Mac OS X (10.4+) genealogy application in that it focuses on individuals rather than families.

Enhancements in V2.235 (since V2.217)
Context Diagram
• Indication of number of spouses.
• Option to display gender symbols.
• Option to display of picture for each person.
• Permits same gender unions.
• Improved sequencing of spouses and children.

People Index
• Added display of consanguinity.

Events pane
• Enhanced per user feedback.

Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams
• Multiple root paths highlighted.
• Option to display gender symbols.
• User can expand and contract branches.
• Added panel to find and highlight a person.
• Added additional colour options.

• Improved handling of Polish, Czech and Portuguese accented characters.

You can download the update here (iFamilyForTiger.com) and discuss it here (iFamily for Tiger discussions).