iFamily for Tiger 2.250

iFamily for Tiger iFamily for Tiger version 2.250 has been released.

iFamily for Tiger is a Mac OS X (OS X 10.4+ required) genealogy application that focuses on individuals rather than families. You can download it here (iFamilyForTiger.com)

Changes/Updates in version 2.250:
Sources Pane
* When you click on a Source-Reference (a Citation) and then invoke the Source dialog it will automatically preselect the Source that is relevant to the currently selected Source-Reference.
* Corrected a bug that caused incorrect display of Source-References in the Sources pane after a Source-Reference had been deleted elsewhere within iFamily.
* Added a button to enable direct referencing to the Active Source.

* Import Pictures – Prebuild All Thumbnails: The Import Pictures function now allows the user to Prebuild All Thumbnails. Although this takes a few minutes it results in faster response later because thumbnails do not have to be created on-the-fly. If you are importing a large number of pictures (1000’s) then you may like to take a coffee break while the thumbnails are being created.

* Thumbnails – instant display regardless of database size: A minor database change has been made to improve response when a database contains thousands of thumbnail images. Display of thumbnail images will now be instantaneous regardless of the size of your database or the type of processor in your machine (Intel vs PPC).

* Context diagram: The user can now set the colour gradient in the Context Diagram

Changes/Updates in version 2.245:

* Colours: The user can now decide the colours to be used for the main window frame/toolbar and the modal dialogs and sheets.
* Context Diagram: The mini pictures for each person in the Context Diagram can now be left clicked to invoke the Picture Editor.

The Active Source Function
A Source may now be made the Active Source. As you add new people or events iFamily then automatically adds a reference to the current Active Source. In the confirmation dialog you can add a Page Ref, Topic or Notes that are specific to that Source Reference (Citation).

The user work-flow is as follows:
Step 1. You find a new Source Document – eg a Marriage Certificate, a Census document, a Shipping List, a Family Bible, ….
Step 2. You create a new Source and make it the Active Source.
Step 3. You add people and events from the source document to your database, in the Context Diagram or in the Family/Events panes. As you add each new person or event a new Source Reference (Citation) is created and you can then add the relevant Page No, Topic, or Notes in the pop-up panel.

At any time you may deactivate the Active Source or select another (existing) Source to be the next Active Source.

If you have have existing people that need to be referenced to the Active Source you simply right click on them in the Context Diagram and select the pop-up menu item called Add a Reference to the Active Source. The keyboard shortcut for this menu item is the key “R” without a modifier key.

If you have have existing events that need to be referenced to the Active Source you right click on them in the Events pane and select the pop-up menu item called Add a Reference to the Active Source.

* Events Dates Editor: Added an Events Dates editor to allow the user to quickly correct dates imported from Gedcom files. The main reason for this new function is because some Gedcom files can contain dates that are free format and do not conform to any recognised standard.
* Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams: Added a right click pop-up menu item to “Contract around the bloodline to the root person”.
* Todo Dialog: Added a Clear button
* Import from Gedcom: Corrected a minor error introduced in V2.235 related to handling accented European characters.