iFamily for Tiger V2.252

iFamily for Tiger iFamily for Tiger version 2.252 has been released. Version 2.251 was released a few days ago. Version 2.252 adds CSV file generation for importing genealogy data into spreadsheets.

It can be downloaded at iFamilyForTiger.com

What’s New in version 2.251:
Story Pane
Added a button to automatically generate a Story for the currently selected person. There are many 30 user defined options (so far).

Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams
Added more colour options for the Ancestors and Descendants diagrams.

Additions/Fixes in version 2.252:
People Index
Added a button called “Generate Csv File” that creates a comma separated values (csv) file which can then be loaded into a spreadsheet application. The people included are those currently displayed in the Filtered/Sorted list of people in the table in the People Index panel.

Colors- Bug
Corrected a bug that occurred when choosing CYMK or Grayscale colors in the Color Panels. This bug has only been reported by one user. If you are using V2.250 or V2.251 and you get an error message that says something like “An exception occurred in iFamily V2.251 in CdDiagram.m : drawRect_1 at line 761” and the error message also mentions a problem with colors then you need to: (a) delete the file called com.kswa.iFamilyForTiger.plist that is in folder xxxxx /Library /Preferences, where xxxxx is your Home directory, and (b) restart iFamily for Tiger and then (c) download V2.252.