PAW2U – PAWriter Version 93 (2 July 2010)

The Mac OS X genealogy application, Personal Ancestry Writer II, aka PAW2U (the universal binary version) has been updated to version 93 today (2 July 2010).

“Check for Updates” has been added to the Help menu, and there are also some privacy features for HTML, RTF, and MML reports/exports, to bar information about living individuals from being included.

* The heading for images in an HTML report has been corrected to use curly quotation marks.
* The menu item Check for Updates has been added to the Help menu (make sure your internet connection is active when choosing this item).
* A preference item has been added to the Preference window to exclude dates of birth and baptism for living people in HTML, RTF and MML reports. This is an option that may be exercised to protect against identity theft.