PAW2U – PAWriter Version 94 (6 Aug 2010)

Howard Metcalfe has released a new version of Personal Ancestry Writer II, aka PAW2U (Universal), a free Mac OS X genealogy application. Version 94 was released today.

It mainly concerns improvements to working with tagging people who may be living as well as automatically determining whether they may be living. There are some additional changes involving HTML web site generation and a bug fix.

* Two menu items removed to eliminate confusion:
— More Tag menu > Tag People who May be Living
— More Tag menu > Mark Tagged People as Living
* Menu items Analyze > Set and Tag Living People replaces both menu items.
* Algorithm for determining whether a person may be living has been improved in the above menu item change.
* Suppression of birth and baptism dates for living people in generated HTML web sites.
* Warning for adding or first showing a picture in a wallet which has a problematic character can now be suppressed by holding down the option key when adding or showing the picture.
* Bug fixed: Infinite loop can occur when writing a text file with a list of surnames for tagged people (when not all were tagged)