Apple iWork 09 9.0.4 Update – Adds ePub Support

While I’ve recommended Apple’s productivity suite, iWork to to plenty of people doing family newsletters or related documents, I normally don’t mention it here except in passing, but iWork 09 9.0.4 fixes some issues in all three apps – Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, including with tables.

More importantly the word processing app, Pages, now has the ability to export to the standard ePub file format. This is a very big deal as you can now export your documents and newsletters to a format that can be read across a lot of mobile platforms, including iBooks on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, Barnes and Noble’s nook, Sony’s Reader, plus Google’s Android platform.

Keynote 5.0.4
* Addresses an issue when printing handouts with rule lines.
* Fixes an issue with the slide switcher.
* Resolves an issue when automatically resizing some images while changing slide size.
* Fixes an issue with tables.

Pages 4.0.4
* Fixes an issue with tables.
* Includes compatibility with the standard ePub file format (for use with iBooks) when exporting.

Numbers 2.0.4
* Fixes an issue with tables.

This is the official support article:

If you already have it installed, check your Software Update – it showed up on mine this morning.

If you don’t have it, but are interested, you can pick up a free trial (30 days) from the iWork trial downloads.

It can be purchased through there for $79, however it’s on sale through a retailer on for $49.

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