GEDitCOM II 1.5 build 2

GEDitCOM II 1.5 build 2 is now available from

This is a massive update. In addition to some bug fixes, it’s centered around one major new feature. It’s a format that is being called the “Address Book” format, and GEDitCOM II 1.5 Build 2 is required to use this format. In order for the new format to work, new features were added to GEDitCOM. You can down load the new format at

The “Address Book” is not just something that tracks somebody’s name and other information. It literally adds in a format to add and edit events centered around specific residences. This extends to adding and editing information on multimedia objects that are tied to a residence. You can also search for, and find, all individuals that lived at a specific residence, or have a specific residence tied to them.

For a full list, see the Changes below.


* A new user interface format called “Address Book” is available on the formats download page. This format turns GEDitCOM II into an address book. Its main purpose is to enter and edit residence events. In addition it displays and can edit notes on multimedia objects for each residence and for the main individual, can export vCards, can create an Address Book report, and can find all individuals in your files that have residences.

* Several new scripts are available for download:
— “Address Book” – create an address book report for all individuals that have documented residences.
— “Export vCards” – export all or selected records to a standard .vcf file that can be imported into applications like Apple’s Address Book application. It is most useful when the exported individuals have document residence information.
— “Find Special Events” script – finds all records having a selected type of event.
— “Fix FamilySearch Download” – some GEDCOM files downloaded from have minor issues with GEDCOM data. This script cleans up some known problems.
— The prior “Descendants Outline” script (to Report, to Pages, or to Word) had a bug and the fixed scripts have been posted.
— The prior “Create Web Site” script is improved in the way in handles multimedia objects linked to more than one record.

* Several enhancement to scripting options were added, including some used in the above new scripts:
— New local string for key command to retrieve translation of string into current language for the current format.
— The user input command now automatically selects the initial text for easier user editing.
— Application has a new scriptMessage property that can read messages sent to scripts when run from a format (see ScriptMessage below).
— The display command can specify sorting alone to sort the current list in the index window.
— New message visible property of the application determines if the panel that is displayed while scripts are running is visible or hidden. When hidden, it will reappear if needed to show a message to the user.
— The date text command has a new optional parameter to specify the format of the date created by the command.
— New object form property can read and set the FORM field for multimedia object records.

* Fixes and additions to the user interface formatting system:
— New reverse option in expressions will reverse a comma-separated list. It is most useful for place names to show the highest part (e.g., country) first rather then the smallest part (town). It can be useful when sorting by places.
— Some text fields used to draw with unneeded blank space below them and that space is now removed (this fix was in an upgrade previously posted 17 July 2010).
— Expression cells did not correctly set color and size of text, but now work correctly.
— New ScriptMessage property can send a message to a script that is run by a ScriptLink property.
— Added Swedish to the “Default Format”

Other changes/updates:
* When you change column sorting in the index window, the previously selected records remain now selected.
* Your choice for “Check Spelling as you Type” now applies to all text fields and is remembered for new windows and even the next time your run GEDitCOM II.
* You can control click on cells in a family tree for a menu of options such as open the record or show ancestors and descendants.
* The search for “GEDCOM Text” was broken and is now restored (this fix was in an upgrade previously posted 17 July 2010).
* A crash was possible when going to next record while current record is still rendering html content. It appears to be fixed.
* Reports that linked to email address did not correctly start your preferred email program, but now work correctly.
* Fixed problem where trees would sometimes print without the lines connecting the cells.
* Fixed problem printing formats with wide display, such as the “Pedigree Format.” It now prints on multiple pages in width direction if needed.