Apple’s Back to the Mac Event – Live Coverage

I’m going to provide updates here. If you’d like to watch it yourself and are on a Mac running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard with Safari or an updated iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), you can view it through

For details, please see the article I posted earlier this morning.

It’s started!
* Discussion of developers.
* There is a discussion of Apple retail stores, Mac sales (50% are new to Macs)

* iLife ’11 officially announced.

iPhoto ’11 Enhancements/updates:
* New full-screen modes
* Facebook enhancements
* Better emailing support for photos
* New slideshows themes
* “Big leap in books”
* “Letterpress cards”

Very impressive demonstration of iPhoto ’11 from Phil Schiller, including holiday-related slideshows and templates. He is showing how you can create emails from within iPhoto rather than jumping over to Mail.

Now doing a demonstration of creating a new book. Full-screen mode for book creation if you want. If you select a set of photos and tell it to create a book, it’ll auto-populate the book with photos. iPhoto picks up information (EXIF) plus your ratings and key photos, as well as the time photos were taken, and it groups photos together by time, it uses highly-rated photos as the larger photos, it used the key photo as the book cover, etc. Very cool so far.

There is an incredibly cool new full-screen mode with “Project View” which is a bookshelf-like view that stores your photo books and projects on the bookshelf.

The Letterpress Cards are being demonstrated. Incredible. They are embossed/printed. It’s like they are combining older methods with digital methods.

iMovie Changes
* Better audio editing (and easier)
* One Step Effects
* People finder – looks for people in a movie
* News and Sports Themes
* Ability to create movie trailers from your movies.

iMovie demonstration showing audio editing, and the new movie trailer feature. There are 15 movie trailer themes. Face detection has been added to iMovie. The trailer demonstration has gone on for a while, but it’s actually kind of interesting. I can see myself using it.

GarageBand ’11 is being demonstrated. I’m going to bow out for a few minutes.

I swear I saw a new iChat icon.

iLife ’11 will retail for $49

Facetime is being discussed by Steve Jobs.
Facetime is being supported by Macs now, including full-screen. There is a demonstration. Looks like what I thought was iChat was Facetime. A beta is being released today. You’ll be able to call people on their iPhone 4 and iPod touches (that have cameras).

Sneak Peak of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
Preview of the 8th major Mac OS X release. “Back to the Mac” refers to 10.7. “Mac OS X meets the iPad” – features in iPads and iOS will be brought back into Mac OS X 10.7. Things they like on iPad/iOS:
* Mult-touch gestures
* App Store
* App Home screens
* Full screen apps
* Auto saves

Apple is sticking to horizontal touch surfaces – no touchscreens on Macs.

“Mac App Store” announced. Similar to App Store on iPhone or iPad. Apps will be licensed for all Macs in a home. There will be a “Launchpad”.

Discussion of Expose, Dashboard, Full screen apps, Spaces and how to unify them. “Mission Control” is going to handle all four of those.

Really emphasizing the full-screen view, which I like.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be available for purchase in summer of 2011. Mac App Store available within 90 days. Developers can start submitting apps in November. Discussion of Lion is now over.

One More Thing!!!
Looks like it’ll be an iPad + MacBook. New MacBook Air. 13.3-inch display, 1440 x 900, Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA Graphics, flash storage instead of a hard drive. Incredibly tiny.

11.6 MacBook Air is starting at $999, and it’s very impressive. 1366×768 display, 64GB of storage.

That brings this to a close.