Family Tree Maker for Mac – Differences Between Retail, Versions

Update: October 29, 2010 There is one more difference – More information about Family Tree Maker 2010 for Mac.

The $99.95 version at,, etc. has the “Family History Toolkit” which is a collection of ebooks on a DVD. There is no difference in the software between the and versions!

I’ve gotten several questions about just what is the difference between the retail version of Family Tree Maker for Mac and the version you can buy at (which is 20% off).

The short (and long) answer is it’s simply a matter of an subscription.

The retail version, such as what we see at which normally runs $99.55, as well as the retail version in the UK such as (United Kingdom) which is normally £59.99 (on sale for £46.99) includes a 6-month subscription to The version linked above does not have this subscription and sells for $69.95. It makes perfect sense from that perspective.

I do have more questions submitted to the folks behind FTM and will post the responses as I get them. I am slowly but surely working through the back-log of questions I’ve received from people who follow this site, and will get them answered and posted either in a new article, or through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as time permits. If you’ve asked me a question through the contact form or directly through email, rest assured you will get a response soon. I’ve answered probably 50 emails in the past week alone.

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