iScrapBook 3.0.8, Metes and Bounds 3.3.1

iScrapBook 3.0.7 was introduced a few days ago, and there was a small bug that dealt with cropped images with image effects. iScapBook is exactly what its name implies – scrapbooking software for Mac OS X.

iScrapbook 3.0.8
* Fixed problem where cropped images with image effects would sometimes draw upside down when selected. This problem was accidentally created by a related bug fix in 3.0.7.

Metes and Bounds was updated to version 3.3.1, but I’m not sure what the updates were, just that it was updated. Metes and Bounds is software for Mac OS X (and there are Windows/PC versions as well as iOS versions for iPhone/iPad users, that turns your data into a deed plot map. It can even calculate the size of plots and handles a variety of measurements including rods, chains, fathoms, spans, etc. It can also be matched up with GPS points.

Metes and Bounds can be downloaded/purchased from