PAWriter version 96 (PAW2U)

PAW2U (PAWriter) has received a large update. Version 96 of the free Mac OS X genealogy application has been enhanced in several areas, including census handling, among several other things.

* Validity checking for the Census window is now performed only when the Insert button is clicked.
* Micropublication of census records was discontinued starting with the 1940 census and replaced with scanned images. So entry of microfilm and roll numbers will be invalid for those censuses. Dwelling number does not appear in those censuses and will be invalid for those censuses. Household number in those censuses will be accepted in the Family field.
* The extension .paw is now permitted for PAWriter data files. If the extension is used, the backup file will end in -bkp.paw (not .paw-bkp).
* A preference item “Format RTF reports one-sided” was added to format RTF reports for one-sided page printing. By default, RTF reports will be formatted to print left and right pages for two-sided printing.
* An error has been corrected which caused PAWriter to freeze (actually, to loop indefinitely) when the width of the picture in pixels exceeded the width of the screen (minus some pixels for borders).
* The advent of Snow Leopard required changes to window open routines in order to properly draw the windows’ background color.
* File menu > Write HTML > Descendants of This Person now asks for the number of generations to be included.
* A link to the PAWriter forum was added to the Help menu.
* Note: When emailing a larger PAWriter data file, zipping it (aka compressing it and archiving it) will result in a file about one-fifth the size of the unzipped file.
* Note: When a file is transmitted through a public folder from another computer in a network, the receiving user should move the file to a location in the receiving user’s computer. Then the permissions for that file should be accessed and changed if necessary to allow the receiving user to read and write the file. The permissions for that file can be accessed by selecting that file and choosing File menu > Get Info. The Sharing and Permissions section of the Get Info display, when unlocked, allows the access privileges to be changed to Read and Write for the receiving user.

Download: PAWriterU.dmg (direct download)
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