MacFamilyTree 6 – 50% Off Through Weekend

Offer at 50% off has expired If you have an interest in MacFamilyTree and have tried the demo, MacUpdate Promo, which is a site that runs daily and weekly specials on Mac OS X software happens to be featuring this Mac genealogy application for 50% off of the normal of … Read more

MacFamilyTree 6.0.9

Last week, Synium Software released the MacFamilyTree 6.0.8 update to it’s Mac OS X genealogy application, and this week MacFamilyTree 6 has another update – version 6.0.9. This is mainly a few bug fixes, the addition of married names showing up in all lists, and performance/launch improvements. Changes/Updates to MacFamilyTree … Read more

PAWriter version 96 (PAW2U)

PAW2U (PAWriter) has received a large update. Version 96 of the free Mac OS X genealogy application has been enhanced in several areas, including census handling, among several other things. Changes/updates: * Validity checking for the Census window is now performed only when the Insert button is clicked. * Micropublication … Read more

Skype 5 Beta for OS X

Skype, which is a cross-platform instant messaging (IM) and Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) application has released beta 5.0 of the Mac OS X client.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. While the previous versions of Skype for Mac were 2.8 and below, the new 5.0 number reflects a couple of major updates and is now at the same version number as the Windows client.

The first major update is that Skype for Mac now supports group video calling, a feature that is present in Apple’s iChat client, but has’t been available to Mac Skype users. In order to use this feature, everybody on the video chat needs to be using version 5.0 or newer. I’m not sure about this feature when using an iPhone.

There is another major update, but it’s overshadowed (in my opinion) by the group video calling. The user interfaace has been overhauled and is now a single, unified window. You’ll no longer have your chats, video calls, etc., in different windows. I’ve got mixed feelings about this, but there is a “call control bar” that can sit on top of other windows you have open. With the unified interface though, it makes for a larger overall window. I understand the reasoning behind it though, and I’m going to use it – I’ve been really looking forward to the group video calls. A lot of us use Skype to keep in touch with family and friends.

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iPhoto 11 Update with Calendars

Apple has released iPhoto 9.1, which is actually iPhoto 11 9.1. iPhoto 8.0 is the version number of iPhoto ’09, so iPhoto 9.1 is iPhoto ’11 . Anyways, it’s an update for Apple’s iLife ’11 that resolves a few issues, and adds some additional letterpress holiday greeting card themes. The … Read more