Bee Docs Close to Releasing Timeline 3D v3

Bee Docs Timeline 3D v3 is nearing completion! Bee Docs Timeline 3D is what it sounds like – timeline software for Mac OS X that allows you to create charts. These can be interactive as well as 3D. Full motion 3D versions of these timelines can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or AppleTV, as well as imported into Apple’s Keynote or exported into HD video. It’s useful for genealogists – it goes above and beyond the timelines that can create with genealogy software.

In the meantime, Easy Timeline is available in the Mac Apps Store (Update – Timeline 3D – BEEDOCS).

Timeline 3D v3 is a major upgrade over previous version, and it will be a paid upgrade for owners of previous version. There is a new blog post up on detailing some of the changes to 3D presentations:

Our interactive 3D presentation feature was designed for storytelling to a live audience. Most timeline charts designed for web sites, touch screens, or printing are not simple enough to see across a classroom or a courtroom. Giving a three dimensional perspective to your timeline is the best way to show both the context and detail of your events during a presentation.

With that in mind, we’ve made some improvements to the 3D presentation interface that will make it an even better tool for storytelling with a live audience.

Among the presentation changes:

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