GEDitCOM II 1.6 and Mac OS X Lion

If you are a GEDitCOM II user, you may have had a minor issue with Mac OS X Lion and GEDitCOM II, specifically the Media Browser.

GEDitCOM II itself is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7, but there is an issue with the framework used for the Media Browser, and it will not launch without doing one of the following (these are directly from the GEDitCOM II developer’s website):

Method #1
– In your Finder, choose menu command “Go To Folder…” enter the folder name “~/Library” and click “Go”. This step will open the Library folder in your home directory. The menu command is needed because Apple has choosen to make this folder a hidden folder.
– Find and delete the “Icons” folder in your home Library folder. I think this “Icons” folder must be associated with the Media Browser and thus it is safe to delete even if Apple support (as they have been known to do) tell you not to. Note: I can vouch that GEDitCOM II 1.6 Build 2 would not work until I did the above. I tried to launch it, nothing, then did a Force-Quit Applications and terminated it. Once I deleted the Icons folder, all was well.

Method #2
Alternatively, you can download this Lion fix of GEDitCOM II. After downloading, drag the GEDitCOM II application to your Applications folder replacing the version installed before. This fixed version should run fine in Lion. The fix is to update the “Media Browser;” to a newer version. Note: I can also vouch that the above worked as well.

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