Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

It’s a lot sooner than anybody expected, but not totally surprising. Tim Cook has been acting as Apple CEO during Jobs’ absences and has been a key part of Apple’s growth and change over the past five years, so assuming he takes over, Apple is in good hands. This is … Read more

MacFamilyTree 6.1.4

MacFamilyTree has been updated again, to version 6.1.4, just over a week after 6.1.3. was released. Just like with version 6.1.3, this has an update that is of interesting to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion users, with Lion user interface (UI) improvements. Version 6.1.4 Changes * New Database Maintenance function … Read more

Family Tree Maker 2012 for Mac – Information

I don’t have too much information at this point, but I just thought I’d mention a few things I know about Family Tree Maker 2012 for Mac. There will be an upgrade path for current users of Family Tree Maker 2010 for Mac. Family Tree Maker 2012 for Mac should … Read more

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 Released

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.7.1 (Lion) for both clients and servers, and as usual, it comes with improvements in stability and compatibility and is recommended by Apple. Mac OS X 10.7.1 Changes * Address an issue that may cause the system to become unresponsive when playing a video … Read more

Reunite 3.0 Reunion Software Released

Reunite 3.0 has been released, and with it comes improvements to take advantage of Mac OS X Lion 10.7. Reunite is software for planning reunions – family, school, etc. Updates in 3.0 * Support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion * Excel Open Office (.xlsx) Import/Export * New parchment background … Read more

MacFamilyTree 6.1.3

MacFamilyTree 6.1.3 has been released. If you have updated your Mac or recently purchased a Mac, and are running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, then this release is definitely for you. It takes advantage of Lion’s full-screen mode, and sees some performance increases under Lion. Version 6.1.3 Updates * Major … Read more