iFamily for Leopard 2.532

iFamily for Leopard has been updated to version 2.532 as of yesterday. iFamily for Leopard is a Mac OS X genealogy application (and yes it runs on Snow Leopard and Lion).

This is a minor release that repairs three bugs that were “introduced into the Ancestors Diagram by the internationalization in Version 2.531“.

Bug Fixes in 2.532 (Ancestors Diagram)
* Correction of the short version of Birth Marriage and Death (from c,n,e to b,m,d)
* Correction of the syntax when displaying multiple spouses
* Correction of the marriage syntax for siblings

Current iFamily users can automatically update through the iFamily for Leopard menu. For those not currently using iFamily, or who are interested in trying it out, it can also be manually downloaded iFamily for Leopard website.