Evernote 3.0.6 Released

Evernote is a note-taking/journaling/research software/scrapbooking application, actually there are lot more ways to describe it, but those are the main ones. It’s available on several desktop platforms – Macs, PCs/Windows, and Linux, not to mention a variety of mobile platforms – iPhone, Android, etc.

Even though Evernote 3.0.6 may not seem like a major upgrade as far as the version number, it actually is. The Evernote designers focused on clarity and simplification.

Updates/Changes in Evernote 3.0.6
* Note panel has been redesigned to be more space-efficient
* User Interface changes, including login
* Fullscreen mode on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion – view multiple notes
* Checklists are enhanced and easier ti create
* Tables are enhanced – you can add or move rows and columns in existing tables
* Icons updated
* Dropdown interface updated
* Headers improved in regards to dates and format information.
* Numerous bug fixes, including Quicklook support for notes in Spotlight and the Finder
* Stability improvements

Download (Free):
* Evernote.com
* Evernote – stay organized – Evernote – Apple Mac Apps Store