LDS / TempleReady Mac Genealogy Software

As a part of my revamping of, I’ve put together a better page showing which genealogy / family tree software handles Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormons) Temple Work event options like:
* LDS Baptism
* LDS Confirmation
* LDS Endowment
* LDS Sealed to Parents
* LDS Sealed to Spouse

Some go beyond the above options (which are a part of the GEDCOM 5.5 standard – see my note below) and support things like:
* LDS Initiatory
* LDS Mission

The page is: LDS / TempleReady Mac Genealogy Software

I should note that PAW2U (Personal Ancestry Writer II), developed by Howard H. Metcalfe as a spiritual successor to Personal Ancestral File (PAF for Mac, which stopped in the Mac OS classic days with version 2.3.1) goes above and beyond most genealogy applications in this regard. It not only supports the LDS Baptism, Endowment, and Sealing options, it has a dedicated LDS menu that allows you to easily tag people with any or all LDS Ordinances as well as the option to “Write TempleReady Status of Tagged People.”

It should also be noted that most Mac OS X genealogy/family tree software supports these ordinances because they are a part of the GEDCOM 5.5 standards that PAF supported, and all actively supported Mac genealogy software currently available or in development supports the GEDCOM 5.5 standards. In the past, not all applications did – some applications that were in development, particularly newer/concept applications never reached the stage where they added GEDCOM 5.5 importing/exporting.

If I’m missing any software, please contact me. I was unable to test Heredis Mac X.2, but was able to test most other actively developed Mac genealogy software. Heredis is undergoing a large update/rewrite as we speak, including Mac OS X Lion compatibility and features and I believe it supports LDS options.

I have a few similar-themed pages in the works for other religions/events in the works for this week, and will be posting those as well.