Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Available

Earlier today, Adobe officially made Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 available, both in the full and upgrade packages. Along the way they’ve reduced the pricing as well.

Keep in mind that this is not like Adobe Photoshop, although it shares some of the same features and does work with Photoshop. Lightroom 4 is photo management software for digital photographers and is working for images straight out of the camera. It’s closer to Apple’s Aperature/iPhoto. Adobe Photoshop is for image editing. Lightroom handles processing large numbers of photos out of the camera.

New and Updated Features in Lightroom 4
* Improved image processing
* Improved Noise Reduction
* Shadow and Highlight Recovery – can bring out some details normally lost in shadows
* Photo Book Creation – Make photo books with photos from the LR library using built-in templates, and then order them from within the software (similar to iPhot’s book creation*
* Improved support for video, including editing
* Advanced Black-and-White Conversion
* Improved batch adjustments

Requirements – Mac OS X
* Multi-core Intel processor
* 64-bit
* 2 GB of RAM (Memory)
* 1 GB of Hard Drive Space
* 1024×768 display
* DVD (for physical media)
* Internet connection for internet services

Lightroom 4 is available for pre-order in some areas, but may not be available until 10 March 2012 in others.

Amazon (US)
Adobe Lightroom 4 Upgrade
Adobe Lightroom 4 Full
Amazon (UK)
Adobe Lightroom 4 Upgrade
Adobe Lightroom 4 Full

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