Reminder: Apple iPad Event Tomorrow – March 7, 2012

Tomorrow, Apple will probably be announcing the successor to the iPad 2, the iPad 3 or iPad HD. There will also be a possible update to Apple TV, bringing it up to 1080p. For those who have used Apple TVs to give genealogy presentations on HDTV, the 1080p upgrade will be nice.

The event in San Francisco is scheduled to start at 10am Pacific, 12pm Central, or 1pm Eastern (US).

Rumors are that the iPad 3 or iPad HD will have a much faster CPU, either quad-core or a newer version of the existing A5 CPU, more memory, improved graphics processing power, and most importantly, a “Retina” resolution of 2048×1536.

There are rumors of a smaller Apple iPad – in the 7-inch range, but I think for now they have been working on the standard 10-inch iPad form factor.

The increased resolution will be nice for those who work with photos or other graphics-intensive applications and data, including genealogy in my view.