Reunion 10.0 Released

Leister Productions, Inc. has released Reunion 10.0, and it’s a huge upgrade over Reunion 9. It’s been just over a year and a half since Reunion 9 was last updated, and the folks behind Reunion have been very busy. I’ve been waiting to see Reunion 10.0, and it definitely delivers a major upgrade over Reunion 9.

The first thing that struck me was the look and feel – it’s much easier to view information and to navigate your family tree. I don’t know what their plans are for their iPad and iPhone versions of Reunion, but playing around with Reunion 10, it looks like it would be an easy migration to iPad as far as the interface. If you were comfortable on one, you’ll be comfortable on the other.

While I’ll be putting together more information in the coming days, don’t take my word for how it looks and acts, go download the demo and try it for yourself!

A brief outline of some of the new features:
– A very nice upgrade in navigation using the sidebar and a “Navbar”.
– A new and improved tree view, in place of the older overview windows
– Ability to drag and drop entries, in order to merge people
– Web-based searches (,,,, etc.)
– Support of mapping of places using Google Maps or Bing, including geo codes. The internal places database tracks all entries and helps improve consistency and accuracy.
– Use of pictures and thumbnails in more views – all of the buttons in the family view.
– Improved flexibility in customizing the family view, both in the appearance/style, and the actual content displayed.
– A couple of nice new reports – “On This Date” which can give you a snapshot of a point in time – who was alive, locations, and how old people in the family were at that point. There’s also a cool “Obituary Report” that generates an obituary.
– Better web support, with new web styles.

There is so much more in the way of new features, that you should check out the full list at the link below.

full list of new features
– Video: Top 10 New Features of Reunion 10
– Video: Changes in Reunion 10
Download the demo