Reuniun 10.0.1

Reunion 10.0.1 is out, and it contains a huge amount of bug fixes. If you are having any problems with Reunion 10, you need to download this update. Reunion 10 was released last week, and it’s shaping up to a very impressive release. Yes, there are some crashes and issues, but the folks behind Reunion have been working diligently, mostly likely through the past weekend to get these corrected.

If you aren’t having problems, you should still upgrade. You can either download it here or select the update feature built into Reunion 10:

Reproducible crashes in the following situations – fixed
– In the Edit Person panel when certain changes were made and then Edit Person was exited via the Done button or Navbar.
– When quitting with a manual window frontmost in some circumstances.
– When selecting a citation in the Notes field and then typing text into the Detail field and returning to the family view.
– With the Edit Contacts sheet open when multiple family files were open.
– In the “On This Date” report when “None” was selected for silhouettes in the Family View Preferences and the report was generated for a person with no preferred picture.
– With the Multimedia Usage report when multiple family files were open.
– With the Import Notes button in Edit Person/Family > Notes.

Other Changes in Reuinon 10.0.1
– Logs use the font and font size specified in Reunion > Preferences > General > Font for lists and data entry.
– Places sidebar uses the font and font size specified in Reunion > Preferences > General > Font for lists and data entry.
– Find presets list uses the font and font size specified in Reunion > Preferences > General > Font for lists and data entry.
– Fixed incorrect labeling of some relationships in the Relatives sidebar.
– Fixed a problem where UNNAMED records were created when empty person buttons were double-clicked rather than single-clicked.
– Improvements to the place database behavior when a geo coded place is used only once in a family file and when a merge takes place while simultaneously changing the spelling of a place.
– Made several changes which help preclude accidentally deleting selected citations, events, facts, and source fields. Previously, the Delete key would perform this function. Now, Command + Delete must be pressed.
– Height of the citations section of the Edit Person window is remembered.
– Width of the Detail field is remembered in Edit Person > Notes.
– Restored Command key shortcuts (from Reunion 9) when the Sources sidebar is visible (Command E, D, U, and C) and when the List – Sources window is frontmost.
– The “Exclude from Endnotes” button in the Source window > Free-Form Text section will, when checked, omit contents of the Free-Form Text field from citations in Edit Person and in the Sources sidebar.
– Changes to flags are properly refreshed in the family view.
– Changes to certain edits after switching sidebars while in Edit Person are properly refreshed in the family view.
– Dragging a source from the sidebar to an event or fact under the source couple in the family view will refresh the family view properly.
– Pressing the Escape key during animation of the family view no longer results in a blank pane.
– Right side Option key will toggle direction of the Hide/Show Sidebar button.
– Setting of the Exclude Empty Fields button in Family View Preferences > Parents is remembered between sessions.
– The pop-up menu button in LDS events now behaves properly.
– Improvements to the GEDCOM import and export of places and geo codes, including support for the “0 level” place structures.
– Improvements to the manual search results when common words (like “the”) are entered in the search box.
– Improved the Import Notes function when importing very large text files.

You can download the latest version of Reunion (10.0.1) here: