Circus Ponies Notebook 4.0

Circus Ponies 4 Circus Ponies Notebook 4.0 has been released, and this is a major update. The interestingly-named notebook/journaling app has been around for quite a while, and version 4.0 is available through the Mac App Store. I’ve known quite a few genealogists here and there who have used it over the years.

Among the changes:
– Cleaner / updated user interface
– Full Retina display support
– Full 64-bit CPU/processor support
– Enhanced Multidex listings and diagramming
– Clip and Annotate panel has been brought back

A demo is available through the website. Through the Mac App Store, it’s $59.95.

Requirements: OS X 10.6.6 or better, 64-bit CPU.

More Information:

Mac App Store: Mac App Store – Circus Ponies Notebook 4.0