MacFamilyTree 7.2.1 Released, 50% off Sale

Mac FamilyTree 7 for OS X MacFamilyTree 7.2 was recently released. MacFamilyTree 7.2 is a huge upgrade to the popular OS X genealogy application, which also has an iOS component – MobileFamilyTree, that is able to sync/share genealogy data between Macs and iPads, iPod touches, and iPhones using iCloud. Much of the changes in MacFamilyTree were carried over to MobileFamilyTree as well.

Celebrating the MacFamilyTree 7.2 release, it’s temporarily on sale for $24.99 (USD).

Among the major changes: Reports were completely rewritten, with many new features (and reports) added. The Interactive Tree was improved, including the interface and navigation. FamilySearch Integration was improved/rewritten. In general, MFT’s user interface was refined, aong with improved search functions and better performance.

MacFamilyTree 7 – Synium Software GmbH (App Store)
MobileFamilyTree 7 – Synium Software GmbH (iTunes)

MacFamilyTree 7.2 Features:
Completely rewritten Reports
– All reports have been rewritten from the ground up
– Select report styles from lots of available presets
– All reports can be displayed and exported in 16 languages
– Choose custom watermarks, ornaments and borders for reports
– New Descendancy Report
– Much improved printing of reports
– Improved PDF generation of reports
– Paginated preview of the reports for printout
– Rewritten narrative report including „text to speech“
– Adjustable font scale for all reports

Improved Interactive Tree
– Zoom the Interactive Tree for better overview and navigation
– Improved user interface for better readability
– Much improved performance
– Display more generations simultaneously

Improved FamilySearch integration
– Completely redesigned FamilySearch overview pane
– Completely rewritten results list
– Improved performance when scanning for matches on FamilySearch
– Better detection of updated persons on FamilySearch including better change log
– Improved discovery of further online information on FamilySearch
– Faster scanning for matches and further information

– Refined user interface
– Improved search function in the person list sidebar
– New startup window
– Major performance enhancements in all edit sections
– Better scrolling behaviour when using a third-party mouse

Version 7.2.1:
– Fixed issue preventing login to for some users

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