Windows Internet Explorer-only Genealogy Sites: Find yourself at a genealogy website that only accepts Windows “Internet Explorer? has a simple trick to enable the “debug” menu in Safari, which lets you select the user agent – i.e., you can select “Windows Internet Explorer” and any site you browse after that will think your using Windows Internet Explorer (until you change it back). A surprising number of sites can be fooled this way. The only time you may have problems are sites using plug-ins that are not supported on Mac OS X.

What’s Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) going to offer genealogists? – A look at some of the benefits Tiger will offer.

Quick Look at GenealogyJ – a Java based genealogy application.
Collection of Screenshots for ohmiGene

Printing information – Charts, etc. (including online printing).

General Tips – Technical became active recently. If your looking for an alternative online map site, give this a try. As your zooming in and out, you can hold down a mouse button and drag the map around, very fluidly.
Apple has a new article about Configuring and Running X11 Applications under Mac OS X. Useful if your planning on running some of the genealogy applications originally written for Linux/BSD.
Bit Rot Stalks Your Digital Keepsakes, an article at has several links and dicussions pertaining to the eventual decay that most digital media (CDs, DVDs) encounter over several decades. (Warning, Slashdot is not moderated, you may experience some mature language).