First x86 Macs, Now Mighty Mouse

First Apple started the move to Intel/x86. Now they have a four-button mouse. Of course, the “Mighty Mouse” still looks like a one-button mouse 🙂

Software: Highlight (Spotlight Utility)

Those of you using Mac OS X 10.4, that have accumulated a lot of files containing genealogy information, if your files are not being searched through Spotlight, there is a utility, Highlight that allows you to import items to the Spotlight index via Drag & Drop which are not indexed … Read more

Apple switching to Intel Processors

We are just as surprised as anybody else. Apple is going to switch to Intel processors for the Mac lineup, starting June of 2006. article at Note: It does appear official – “Classic” apps (those build for MacOS 8 & 9, and/or below) will not be able to run … Read more

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Spotlight, and GEDCOM files

A user emailed us and mentioned that they received their copy of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and installed it (there were a few stores that got their copies in from Apple last week and turned around and sent them out to the users early, much to Apple’s chagrin). After … Read more

Macworld: Apple’s New Products

By now, you may have heard about Apple’s new offerings : Mac mini. They did it. A new, entry-level Mac at $499. Six and a half inches square and two inches tall. Think about that for a few minutes. Much of it is Build-To-Order as well (faster CPU, more memory, … Read more