ohmiGene 4.25

ohmiGene 4.25 has been released. ohmiGene is a Mac OS X (and Windows) genealogy application that I, unfortunately, do not follow as much as I should. I’ll be changing that in the next week or two, with a lot more information about it (in light of my upcoming Family Tree … Read more

MacFamilyTree 6.0.10

MacFamilyTree 6 has been updated to version 6.0.10. Highlights include better performance when importing GEDCOM files and working with fan charts. The Family Tree editor has been improved, and if you’re Dutch, there is a complete Dutch manual now. Changes/Updates to MacFamilyTree 6.0.10 * Vastly improved Fan Chart rendering and … Read more

Family Tree Maker 2010 – Any Questions?

I received a copy of Family Tree Maker 2010 for Mac last week and am preparing an in-depth review. One of the areas I’m focusing on is for people migrating from Windows genealogy applications (including Family Tree Maker for Windows) with a walk-through of how to do it. Many people … Read more


GEDitCOM II 1.6 has been released and it is a massive update.

Among the changes – an upgrade to the GEDitCOM Editor, which is part of an effort to make it an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for genealogy interfaces and scripts. This was a major undertaking.

There was an enhancement to family trees and the data display and customization, a new memo/note feature which allows you to attach a quick note to any field, along with many more changes.

Changes and Updates in GEDitCOM II 1.6
* Tree charts were upgraded to be more powerful and have more customization:

    o The boxes that display each individual now dynamically adjust in height to accomodate the text for each person. This change fixes the previous overflow of long text that did not fit in a box with the specified width. It also provides more compact trees because those with little information can optionally display in smaller boxes.
    o Trees have some new preferences to set line styles and colors for the lines around boxes and between boxes and a new preference to select to preferred height for portraits in boxes.
    o Trees used to always be centered; now the alignment uses the alignment setting for each column in the outline view. A new preferences sets the alignment for the name.
    o Tree boxes for those with unknown sex are now filled with a gradient of colors between male and female fill colors.
    o The rulers were improved to align better with cells in horizontal trees.

* A new “Memo” feature lets you add a short note to any text editing field:

    o To add a memo, click in a field and use “Tree?Attach?Memo…” command (or control click on field and choose “Attach/Edit Memo.”)
    o A field with a memo while show a pencil icon that a memo is available and you can hover the mouse over the field to see the memo in a pop-up window.

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MacFamilyTree 6 – 50% Off Through Weekend

Offer at 50% off has expired If you have an interest in MacFamilyTree and have tried the demo, MacUpdate Promo, which is a site that runs daily and weekly specials on Mac OS X software happens to be featuring this Mac genealogy application for 50% off of the normal of … Read more

MacFamilyTree 6.0.9

Last week, Synium Software released the MacFamilyTree 6.0.8 update to it’s Mac OS X genealogy application, and this week MacFamilyTree 6 has another update – version 6.0.9. This is mainly a few bug fixes, the addition of married names showing up in all lists, and performance/launch improvements. Changes/Updates to MacFamilyTree … Read more