iFamily for Tiger 2.108

iFamily for Tiger
iFamily for Tiger Version 2.108 has been released. This is a major update to the Mac OS X genealogy shareware application. Much of the changes are based on user feedbback.

Quite a few changes:

Gedcom Import
* Enhanced to reject two corrupt Gedcom Tags from a.n.other family tree application that were previously allowed to be imported.

Delete Person and Disconnect Person
* Added main menu options for People – Delete Person and People – Disconnect Person. Too many people were asking “How Do I …” so it was obviously not intuitive.

Location of the iFamilyForTigerData Folder
* Added main menu option File – Move Data Directory to allow the user to move the default location of the iFamilyForTigerData folder out of their Home Folder.

Family Name Function
* The automatic Family Name function now recognises suffixes such as Jr, Sr, I, II, III, …., XX.
* If the person’s name consists of only one word then it is now assumed to be a Given Name rather than a Family Name. You can enter question marks for Family Name or for the Given Name. For Example “Alfred ?” or “? JONES” are both acceptable. In the first case the Family Name becomes “?” and in the second case the Given Name becomes “?”.

Drag and Drop of Images from Ancestry.com
* Images dropped into iFamily from Ancestry.com are now renamed from image.x.JPG to a name containing the dropped-on person’s name.

Added People – ToDo List

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Osk 4.5.1

Osk 4.5.1 was released today. It’s a genealogy application for Mac OS X that focuses on making it easy to handle genealogy data and includes a component to export your family tree to the web, as well as working with location-based genealogy data. Version 4.5.1 adds some performance improvements as … Read more

Reunion 9.04

Reunion 9Reunion 9.04 of the Mac OS X genealogy application is available for download at LeisterPro.com.

Reunion Version 9.04 adds several performance improvements (especially in regards to the index), adds new features to the user interface and charting. It also improves GEDCOM exports.

* Index performance – The Index opens much faster with huge family files.
* Index search box – performance improvement when typing letters into the search box of an Index with huge family files.
* New Feature – Control-click (or right-click) events or facts in the Edit Person or Edit Family window to add other events/facts of the same type or recently added types.
* New Feature – multimedia items can be dragged/dropped into the Source List.
* Lists – the appearance of entries that are too long to fit in a column has been improved. In OS X 10.4, longer entries will appear first with squished text and then with elipsis, ala the Finder. In OS 10.3.9, longer entries truncated letter-by-letter.

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MacFamilyTree 4.4.4

Version 4.4.4 of the popular Mac OS X genealogy application, MacFamilyTree is available with a new report centered around places where personal and family events occurred. MacFamilyTree is a Universal Binary and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. Changes: * New report “Places”: Shows all person and family events … Read more

Personal Ancestry Writer II Version 68

A few weeks ago, Personal Ancestry Writer II (PAWriter II) version 68 (Dated: 30 March 2007) was released. It’s a free Mac genealogy application (Mac OS X and MacOS 9) being developed by Howard Metcalfe, and was designed to have many of the same features found in the original Personal … Read more

New Mac Genealogy Application: OurTreePro

There is a new, upcoming Mac genealogy application on the block: OurTreePro. The homepage for OurTreePro can be found at OurTreePro.com According to the developer, Ron Smith, “An initial pre-release version of OurTreePro is planned for the spring of 2007. It will run on both Macintosh and Windows. Hopefully the … Read more