Metes and Bounds 1.3

Sandy Knoll Software’s Metes and Bounds 1.3 for Mac OS X 10.1.5+, is now available. Metes and Bounds is basically a land mapping applications that turns metes and bounds data into a plot map. Genealogists might be able to us it for plotting cemeteries, homesteads, etc.

Update: MapMemo 2.02

Mapmemo 2.02 has been released. Mapmemo Allows you to drag a file or folder onto maps, charts, photos, and other graphic files, and then associates that file/folder with that place/location on the graphic file by creating an alias. When executed, that alias will launch the proper application associated with that … Read more

Safari and IE-only Genealogy Sites, Todo X, Camino,

Find yourself at a genealogy website that only accepts Windows “Internet Explorer? has a simple trick to enable the “debug” menu in Safari, which lets you select the user agent – i.e., you can select “Windows Internet Explorer” and any site you browse after that will think your using … Read more

Update: Metes and Bounds 1.2.8

Sandy Knoll Software has released Metes and Bounds 1.2.8. Metes and Bounds is land mapping that turns metes and bounds data into a plot map. Useful for plotting cemeteries, homesteads, etc. Requires Mac OS X 10.1.5 Changes: * Drawings can now be shaded. * Drawings can now be scaled up … Read more

Link: The Map Room

If your looking for a good, up-to-date site for information about various online maps, The Map Room: A Weblog about Maps might be what your looking for.

Software: iMap 3.1

iMap 3.1 has been released. A few comments on other websites mention that people are using this to map genealogy data (migrations, etc.). iMap 3 is a data visualisation tool designed to map large amounts of latitude/longitude data (or US ZIPcodes). iMap imports data from databases or spreadsheets and maps … Read more