TimeFlyer 1.4

TimeFlyer 1.4 has been released. TimeFlyer is a Mac OS X (10.4 required, Universal Binary) timeline application from ‘A Single Pixel‘, available for $24.95 (a demo is available at the link). This is the “biggest TimeFlyer update yet” according to … Continue reading

MemoryMiner’s Future Additions – GEDCOM Support

While checking the MemoryMiner Blog, I noticed that GroupSmarts, LLC, is adding some of the most requested features for MemoryMiner in the upcoming version 1.1 release:
* GEDCOM import
* Read embedded IPTC metadata (to automatically associate to people and places in MemoryMiner)
* Automatic upload to .Mac and (S)FTP servers (to make publishing easier)

They note that it should make genealogists happy, and I believe it will.

On a sidenote, MemoryMiner won a 2006 Macworld Best of Show award (that link will give you a good review of MemoryMiner).

Finally, John Fox of GroupSmarts, LLC, was interviewed in a Podcast at DuelBootRadio.lybsyn.com where he discusses what goes into MemoryMiner and how it came about (very detailed discussion).

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