MemoryMiner 1.0.5

MemoryMiner 1.0.5 has been released by GroupSmarts, LLC. It’s a Mac OS X appliaction (Mac OS X 10.4.3+/Universal Binary) that allows you to use photos as “individual frames in a type of endless story board. The story elements are linked to each other by way of annotation layers identifying the people, places, dates and events captured in each frame. As links are made, it becomes easy and tremendously interesting to explore the threads which link people’s lives across time, place and shared experience.”

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FTLCtimelines X and

FTLCtimelines X and were released over the past week. FTLC stands for “finite time lines and circles”, and FTLCtimelines X is a Mac OS X program that allows you to generate and work with timelines. Version fixes a bug where printing could not take place after version

Version was a major upgrade – among other things, the database engine was upgraded, it now requires Mac OS X (an older Classic version is still available), added control over axis display in timelines, and support for iCal importing added. For a full listing of changes in version, please see the Release Notes.

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