Family Ties (Familienbande) – History/Changes

[wpfmb type=’success’ theme=2]This page serves as an archive/history of the changes for Family Ties/ Familienbande[/wpfmb]

Version History

January, 2010
– List of individuals can be navigated using a mouse wheel
– PNG support
– Recently used locations are automatically entered
– Reference images in documents are indicated by arrows
– Print function can now save(?) multiple images
– Sources are in their own window
– Problematic dates are highlighted
– Search settings have been revised
– Family management interface can be used to jump to specific pairs
– Various bug fixes

* 16 June 2007 Version – Full list of changes

26 February 2007
* Problems with the display of large pictures repaired
* Opening Gedomdateien (?) brings up a reference to the import and offers directly
* Search extended to persons associated with an individual
* Spell checking for remarks, preface, indicator and remarks on source data (only Mac OS X)
* The helper/assistant did not behaved as described in the help.
* Fixed error concerning searching for somebody based on age
* In the encyclopedia there were problems, if one wanted to secure the encyclopedia
* The generational numbering begins now with the master record of zero
* Fixed bug concerning input fields with automatic completion and deletion
* The statistics functions cause of death distribution, and occupation distribution, had a wrong window title
* Extension of the plausibility check
* Problems with the helper/assistant repaired
* Various smaller corrections

5 December 2005
* The search window has a progress bar for context menu actions
* GEDCOM exporting improved.
* “Butlereinstellungen” was not secured correctly. (MG Note: Google doesn’t understand “Butlereinstellungen”).
* Plausability checking errors corrected.
* When changing data of the foster parents, foster children became biological/natural children (“leiblichen” = biological/natural?)
* Problems with the use of first/given name repaired
* Secure/Private data for same-sex marriages was not always loaded for the main owner.
* Locations in the location manager can be exported as a CSV file (tab-delineated text file).
* Addresses in the address manager can be exported as a CSV file.
* Problems with file names created under Windows with Umlauts in the file name corrected.
* Errors with viewing and navigating in the ancestor window repaired.
* While using automatic-completion – if several umlauts or special characters were entered, it caused strange problems when viewed in Windows.
* While using automatic-completion – first names were not being pulled from the list.
* In the family manager, the seperation (divorce?) date is now indicated.
* In the address manager, it’s now possible to enter three fax/phone numbers, internet/web ,and email addresses for each person.
* Bugs in family manager fixed.
* Various other bugs fixed.