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Name: Family
Last Version: Family 2.3
Last Updated: Probably 2009
Developer/Publisher: Formerly Saltatory Software (see history below)
Type: Adium X, the top open-source instant messaging (IM) client for Mac OS X and Chris Forsythe, who is/was leading Growl development, the top notification system for OS X. We (Mac Genealogy) had high hopes for Family with such a team behind it.

History of Family’s developers
– Originally developed by Saltatory Software. At some point Saltatory Software became or was sold to (or parts sold off) to:
Dare to be Creative Ltd
Muehlweg 90/D18
1210 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 955 1750
Firmenbuch Nr: FN 307416 h
UST Nr: ATU64089569

Dare to be Creative then became, or was sold to (or parts sold off to): Incredible Bee Ltd.

It does not appear that Family made the transition from Dare to be Creative to Incredible Bee.

Other Useful Links
Current Company: Incredible Bee Ltd.

Articles and Reviews

Release History
Family version 2.3
* You can now export your Family file to PDF, and it will still be crisp if you zoom in.
* The iSight and iPhoto/iLife integration work again in 10.5.
* You can now zoom in 120% when in the main editor.
* Updated Family bubbles to make Family files look better in general, especially in printing. Thanks go out to Bryan Bortz!
* Minor bug fixes regarding text input.
* There is a fun little fade out when you close windows. Thanks to Matt Gammell for sharing his source code to be used in this manner!
* Made it so that dragging a new connection is easier than before. Dragging a connection is not as particular about where you click exactly like it was in 2.0.2.

Family 2.0.2 – March 14, 2007
* StoryTelling and Additional Information are now on their own tabs.
* It is now easier to use formatting in the StoryTelling tab thanks to an action menu.
* Renamed Additional Information. It is now Documents and Media.
* Replaced the document icon. (thanks Leon!)
* Family now allows any text to be entered into the birth/death date fields.
* StoryTelling now has the ability to have a link created, via the action button.
* Fixed a problem with deselection.
* Added a new, built-in help system.
* Search now searches through dates as well as names.

Family version 2.0.1 – December 22, 2006
* Resolved issues while searching for partial and full names.
* Resolved issues with regards to positioning same sex relationships.
* Resolved issue with the tab cycle in the Person Editing window.
* Resolved issue with saving on 10.3.
* Resolved issue with displaying the Person bubble while selected on 10.3.
* Added a Format menu for formatting.
* Resolved drawing issues when exporting to PDF.
* Improved the first run experience.

Family version 2.0 – December 6, 2006
* Added a StoryTelling feature which allows you to tell each person’s story.
* Improved general performance.
* Added the ability to attach files to each person.
* Zoom is now integrated into the main view and does not require enabling it from the menu.
* The grid view now resembles graphing paper.
* Improved handling of same sex relationships/marriages.
* Added iPhoto integration.
* Added iSight integration.
* Made Family easier to look at for long periods of time.

Version 1.2.1: Released 6 April 2006
Version 1.2: Released 1 April 2006
Version 1.0: Released 21 March 2006

Family Screenshot Gallery (flickr)

Typical Layout
Family Screenshot - Typical Layout
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Grid layout and photo management
Family Screenshot - Grid and Photo Management
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