FTLCtimelines X

FTLCtimelines – FTLC stands for “finite time lines and circles”

Note:As of March 4, 2007 – FTLCtimelines X version (Released March 9, 2006) is still the current version.

A program to automatically generate timelines across a range of time intervals (from seconds to years [AD & BC]).

Timelines may include points in time and spans of time.

Includes the generation of “time circles”. Events may be grouped according to user defined categories.

Requires: Mac OS X

Demo Version:
Demo version will save a maximum of 20 event and 20 span records,5 notes, 25 media files, and can either merge files or import iCal files only once per running of the program. A given Database file can only be opened for 25 days and has a few other limitations.

Cost: $12.50

Version History:

FTLCtimelines X version – March 9, 2006

FTLCtimelines X (Jan 12 2006)
* Fixes a bug where printing could not take place.

FTLCtimelines X (Jan 7 2006)
See Release Notes
FTLCtimelines Version (Jul 2005)

Cost: $12.50

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