Heredis for Mac 2012

Note: June 21, 2012 – Heredis for Mac 2.0 Released

Name: Heredis for Mac (2012)
Current Version: To Be Announced
Last Updated: Not Yet Released
Replaces: Heredis for Mac X.2
Developer/Publisher: Heredis
Type: Genealogy Software for Macs

Purchase / Download Options:
Price (New):
Price (Upgrade):
Demo/Free: Not Available Yet

iPad / iPhone / iPod touch Mobile Version?
Yes, see Heredis for iOS – calling for beta testers.

Mac OS X Lion Support: Yes, Lion support is emphasized
Software Requirements: Unknown
Hardware Requirements: Probably Intel-only
Older Macs: Unknown
GEDCOM Support: Yes
Unicode GEDCOM Support: Yes
LDS Ordinance Support: Yes
Web Page/HTML Creation and Support: Probably
Supported Languages: English, French, German, others

Developer’s Description
This version is based on the principles that Heredis should be easy to pick up and use. And it is designed to be like “Mac” with its ease of use.

– Cover Flow-like browsing for charts

Articles and Reviews
Heredis for iOS – calling for beta testers – 4 April 2012
New Heredis for Mac – 2012, A Few Details – 19 March 2012
New Heredis for Mac 2012 Screenshot Gallery

Release History
– Entered alpha testing in January
– Beta testing sometime in Spring 2012
– Release: Sometime in 2012