Note: There is a new version available, Heredis Mac X.2

Heredis 10.1.5 Product Page
Publisher: Heredis
Type: Genealogy Application
License: Commercial/Shareware ($69)
Last Updated: Jun 2004
GEDCOM Support: Yes Software Auto-Update: ??
Languages: English (Possibly French and German)

Hardware Requirements:
MacOS Requirements: MacOS 9.1 – Mac OS X
Download: Demo (5.4 MB)
Demo Limitations: allows 50 entries, reads GEDCOM files

Official Description:
Everything you may possibly need for handling your genealogy today, plus everything you are expecting for tomorrow…
A navigating family tree in 3 dimensions allows an entire genealogy to be displayed on one screen only. This tree has been designed so that genealogists may situate themselves at a glace anywhere in their ancestry.

Official Notes:
(Official Site) Will directly write a CD-ROM containing your genealogy data (including individuals of your choice) that can be read by any web browser. Will also offer HTML output.
More information can be found here ( Notes: There is also a PC version of this software available.

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Version History:
Version 10.1.5. (Jun 2004)
* Unsure what changes were made

Version 10.1.2
* Online registration
* New calculation algorithm for the 3d-tree
* Correct display of Ahnentafel numbers on the main screen (previously truncated beyond 999)
* The Picture names are not handled as comments anymore while importing a Gedcom file.
* Religious marriages are now correctly handled and displayed in the event list.
* Some minor fixes